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Olav Skjellevik

On September 11, I unload hikers in a 47-seater bus to Laukhamar Fritid. There were lots of good words to hear afterwards about both the city and the dinner! Highly recommended !!!

Åsmund Eide

This year, as last year, the sun is shining really great on this day! Already a year has passed since our wonderful wedding day at Laukahamar. Nice and see great pictures, and always nice and stop by for a good dinner at dåke! :) Warm Helsinger from Åsmund And Karine :)

Heie ved og vel

This year's joint meal for Heie ved og vel - west of Korsstølen, was very successfully completed on Friday 12 October 2012. We thank you for fantastic food, and will definitely return next year.

Kari & Nils

Thank you so much for a great New Year's Eve with you

Wigdis Karin Helland

It was a nice experience for us to \"discover\" Laukhammar place. Thanks for the tour and good food. Because we did not reach 22 ferries, we had a nice night experience of the area with curious animals such as young eagles, 16 deer and a beautiful fearless young fox lurking across the road at night. Wonderful experiences on narrow roads - because here you can not hurry and drive so fast that you do not see the nature around you. THANK YOU FOR HAVING US Margit, Torill and Wigdis Karin

Åsmund Eide

Thank you so much for a Radiant Day and beautiful Celebration of our big wedding day which was 26.05.2012 :) Dåke has a great place and beautiful party rooms. Thank you for allowing us to hold the wedding party at dåke :) Good luck with the operation! we will probably stop by for dinner and coffee in the future: D Warm Helsinger from Karine and Åsmund Eide

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